Please Upload your presentation to Pretalx by 2023-11-15, so we can load them on the presentation computer. If you want to use your own computer please let us know as well. If you would like to test your equipment and/or get a feeling for the stage please contact the herald at the beginning of a break. If you have not received the link to upload the slides (sender: DENOG15 and/or cannot login to pretalx, please send it directly to


Please arrive at the Fron Of House (FOH, at the center of the last row) 15 minutes before your talk to get your microphone set up. We will do our very best to start your talk on time, and you will not be cut short. You will find a speaker timer on the stage showing the time remaining.


A herald will meet you at the FOH before your talk. They will answer any last-minute questions you may have, announce your session, and moderate your Q&A. Feel free to give them any hints on interesting facts about you or your presentation, interesting questions to ask, or anything else that could improve your experience.


The main auditorium will have a beamer with at least 1920x1080p resolution, connected via HDMI. WiFi with both IPv4 and IPv6 will be available throughout the event. We will be using the following prefixes for the event: - - 2a01:a707::/32


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to or, our team is available at the check-in desk during the whole event and will help you with any questions.

We’re looking forward to your presentation, and can’t wait to welcome you to Berlin!

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