Event Support

Go to the #InfoPoint Chat in Venueless or email event@denog.de If you are participating on-site do not hesitate to reach out to our Info Point, which will be staffed during the whole event.

If, during any time at the event - either remote or in person, you feel unwell, unsafe, threatened, etc. please do not hesitate to approach anyone of board members or contact us via vorstand@denog.de

Helping at the event (aka. be an angel)

Would you like to be an angel and help with DENOG15? Want to contribute with your skill and strength, meet other people, have a look behind the scene, just help out? For most of the roles you don’t need any specific experience and you will learn everything you need for the job in our briefings on-site.

If you like to contribute, please register in the engel system (see below).

Registration for Angel

We have decided to use the angel system that the CCC also uses for its congress. This means that the system may look quite familiar to you.

Please register at https://engel.denog.de and indicate your availability by signing up as ‘Availability Indication Angel (“here I have time”)’ in the ‘Availability Indication Shift (“here I have time”)’. We ask you to include your real name, email address and phone number so that we can recognize and reach you. We will then group you into the different shifts and roles. There will be an onsite briefing of all Angels every morning and additionally appropriate to the role. If you’re attending online only, you can volunteer to help in venueless.

If you have any questions, please contact us at event@denog.de.

Description of different Angel roles

In the following we’d like to describe the different roles throughout the event, so that you can get an idea about the different takes.

Check-In & Info Point

The Check-In & Info Point Angel helps at the central contact point of the conference, the Info Point. This is where visitors come to register and when they have questions or need something.


  • Welcoming conference visitors (attendees), scanning ticket QR codes
  • Handing out badges and conference T-shirts, etc.
  • Pointing out features at the conference such as the attendee wall or job board
  • Listening to and solving attendee requests

Attendee Wall

Next to the Info Point and in the process of check-in the next station will be the Attendee Wall. We’ll shoot an instant photo of every attendee and pin it to a big pin board.


  • Make an instant photo of every new attendee
  • Pin it to the wall and stick a sticker with the attendee’s details underneath.

Photo & Social Media

The Photo & Social Media Angel will be in the Auditorium and walks around to make the conference visible on social media.


  • Creating photos during the event of speakers, sponsors, behind the stage and impressions of the conference
  • Prompt forwarding of the recordings to the social media team for publication


The Herald Angel is on stage and helps to ensure and moderate a smooth program flow.


  • Preparation of the speaker
  • Introduction and closing of the speakers, talks and workshops
  • Moderating questions in the subsequent Q&A

General Support

The General Support Angel is a true angel-for-all, the universal genius. Helping out wherever help is needed.


  • Be flexible and ready to get stuck in :)

Remote Venue & Helpdesk

The remote angel is active online and helps to make the conference a great experience for the remote attendees.

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