DENOG15 - Sunday PreSocial - Blind Peering (self paid) at 7 p.m

Sunday 19th November 2023 around 19.00h CET

We will book tables for around 8 people across Berlin and will assign randomly composed groups. There will be a Table Captain, who is familiar with DENOG. If you have registered you will get an email around two days before the event with the name and location of the restaurant, time (around 7 p.m.), name and affiliation of the other members of your group and the contact details of the Table Captain. Please make sure to be on time and let us know in advance if you can not join. We made sure to break up usual groups to give you the opportunity to meet new faces. Please be advised that the blind peering social is self-paid, so please bring your wallet to pay for your dinner. We reserve the right to charge you the restaurant’s cancellation fee if you do not cancel before Saturday or do not show up - but much worse would be very small groups at too large tables who were looking forward to seeing you!
For questions or changes you can contact us at

DENOG15 - Monday Official Social @ Teufelsberg

DENOG15 Social @ Teufelsberg

Monday 20th November 2023 at 19.00h CET - 01.00h CET

We’re excited to welcome you at Teufelsberg, Berlins iconic listening station with a long history to explore. Join us for a great social event with foods and drinks as well as guided tours through the history of the Teufelsberg, it’s origin from the remainders of WW2 and its important role during the Cold War. You will be rewarded with a breathtaking view over Berlin and a stunning grafitti gallery!

Getting there

A bus transfer will be arranged to and from the location, further details will be published soon. Participants with limited mobility are kindly asked to reach out to so we can make respective arrangements.

Google Maps Link:

OpenStreetMaps Link:

Meeting peers, friends and new community members is a key part of each DENOG event. Join us for an exciting site, food and drinks!

Remember to bring your badge!

If you have any dietary restrictions (beside vegetarian or vegan) or have mobility restrictions, please let us know at We can provide wheelchair accessible transport for the social event, but we need to know in advance.

About the location

Berlin Teufelsberg is a non-natural hill built from the debris and rubble from the remains of post WW2 Berlin. Below the hill lies another historic landmark, the ruins of the unfinished Nazi-Germany military-technical college, one of the first buildings to be erected for the “world capital Germania”.

On top of this history from WW2 stands a relict from the Cold War, the U.S. NSA listening Station “Field Station Berlin”, which used state of the art surveillance technology to spy on the enemies of the allied forces which operated from the 1960s untill the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. Not too much is known on what exactly happened at the Field Station Berlin, it is however rumored, that, aside from many innovations in surveillance also some of the first trans-atlantic e-mails have been sent from the top of “The Hill”.

After the location was closed it became abandoned and was used for many illegal raves and by the Berlin grafitti scene, until it was evenutally acquired by private investors in the late 1990s. All plans to turn the property into luxury housing luckily failed and the site remained as-is. Today the location holds one of the largest streetart exhibitions of Berlin and offers an amazing view from the top of the station right below the slowly decaying radomes.

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