On-site Features

Attendee Wall

Are you on-site and looking for someone you haven’t met in person before? Then take a look at our attendee wall! After check-in, we’ll offer anyone to take an instant photo and post it on the attendee wall, right next to the Info Desk. This gives everyone an opportunity to see who is already on site and add a face to the name. If you wish you can directly schedule a “meet me session” and get to know each other!

Meet Me Sessions

Would you like to introduce yourself or get to know someone? Maybe you’ve got a short topic to sync-up on? Let me introduce you to the meet me sessions!

We blocked two periods during the conference days Monday and Tuesday. These are during the lunch breaks from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. (lunch is served at the partially overlapping time from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.). During these periods you have 5 slots of each 15 minutes plus a 5 minute break. So enough time to introduce yourself, but probably not for a full conversation or contract negotiation. There are two Meet Me Rooms (MMRs) reserved for the meetings. The tool will randomly give your meeting a table, but you can also choose a custom place, like “at the Barista”.

In “Meet” you can set up a profile and indicate if you are not available during time slots. It’s okay to decline a Meet request or not to offer “Meet Me Sessions” at all. For the latter, we’d like to ask you to then unset your availability in “Meet”. We hope to give you a good opportunity to get in touch with others!

We will send every on-site participant access to the “Meet” tool in the coming days along with more detailed instructions.

We’d like to thank our friends at nix.cz warmly for making the “Meet” tool available to us!

More information about the “Meet” tool and helpful steps can be found here: Meet Me Sessions.

Job Board

You attend DENOG15, the largest network operator conference in Germany, and it comes to your mind that someone in the crowd could be a match for one of your open job offers? That’s a brilliant idea! DENOG is offering a job board for the first time this year!

It’s easy to participate: Design a printable page for each job offer (up to 3) and send it as a PDF by November 15th to job-board@denog.de - that’s it! We will present it at the job board on site as well as in venueless for the online attendees throughout the entire event.

We’d like to have your name on the job offer to make it possible for other attendees getting in touch with you and/or your company during DENOG15! You are welcome to be creative and add your photo as well to make it even easier for interested attendees to find their potential job offer match.


  • One DIN A4 page in portrait format per job offer
  • Max. 3 job offers per company and/or attendee (no spam please!)
  • Name of on site attendee as locale contact must be included in every job offer
  • Send job offer(s) in PDF format to job-board@denog.de
  • Deadline for submission: Wednesday, November 15th 2023 11:59 pm
  • DENOG will print the PDFs and hang them on the job board (pin boards) and also make them available to the online attendees in venueless
  • Please be aware, that we cannot accept any job offers printed by yourself or any other self service at the pin boards

Workspace quiet & Workspace loud

The Workspaces are dedicated rooms to work. You can choose between the room “workspace quiet” and the room “workspace loud”. In the “workspace quiet” we ask everyone to be - quiet! Here you can write your emails or do whatever work without being interrupted by noise. In the “workspace loud” talking is allowed.

Both workspaces are equipped with chairs, tables, power (EU plug) and wifi.

Community Sticker Exchange

The Community Sticker Exchange is the place to exchange your beloved stickers! If you wish, bring your own stickers to the exchange. The deliverer is responsible for the stickers.

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