On this page we want to give you some help for the “Meet Me Sessions”.

  1. Important information
  2. Help and guidance for the tool “Meet”

We’d like to thank our friends at nix.cz warmly for making the “Meet” tool available to us!

1. Important information

Some data for the tool “Meet” will be synced from your ticket (pretix); sync is done on daily basis, closer to the conference on an hourly basis. Some of the data can be changed in “Meet”.

  • In your order / ticket information should be the link to your ticket data in pretix. If you have lost that, please go to https://pretix.eu/denog/denog15/ and click at the bottom of the page on the "Resend order link" button. Doesn't help? Send us an email: event@denog.de.
  • You should have received an invitation to "Meet" (sender "noreply@denog.de", subject "[Meet] DENOG15 Meet Me Sessions | Event invite"). If not, please contact event@denog.de.

Here is the overview of your data:

Data from your ticket (pretix) Data in "Meet"
First Name Cannot be changed
Last Name Cannot be changed
Attendee email address ("Attendee email") Cannot be changed
Company ("Company Name on your badge/attendee list") Cannot be changed
ASN ("AS Nummer") Cannot be changed
Pronoun ("Pronouns") "Suffix" - Could be changed in Meet, but we might overwrite it from pretix
Nickname ("IRC Nickname") "Nickname" - Could be changed in Meet, but we might overwrite it from pretix
Only in "Meet" available; therefor change in your profile in "Meet":
n/a Title
n/a Job title
n/a Note

2. Help and guidance for the tool “Meet”


We transfer you information from your ticket (pretix) to Meet - a tool for bilateral meetings made by nix.cz. You will get an invite email, looking like this:

Click on the link, set a password and you’re logged in.

You name, company, ASN, IRC nickname and pronoun are copied from you ticket information (pretix).

Even if you don’t want to do a Meet Me Session, please sign up once and just click away the availability. This can be done be unchecking the blue buttons as shown here. The lines with blue background are the whole days, the other lines are the single time slots:

If you wan to participate, you might want to upload a photo to your profile. Click on your name in the upper right corner and you will find this:

Here you can set the dark mode theme and prevent Meet from making sounds for new meetings or comments. Also there is the way to you profile.

In the Profile you can change some details (title, pronoun/suffix, nickname), upload a photo or set colors. You also can choose if you want Meet to send you emails for nre Meetings or Comments. There is also the change password button.

Beside these general settings there are some event (“DENOG15 Meet Me Sessions”) specific settings. These can be found here:

You can download all you meetings as iCal. Or change to view to see also the rejected or canceled meetings.

Last but not least you might want to schedule a meeting. Click in the button “Invite” and find this window:

This is pretty forward: search for attendees you want to meet, ad a subject and description, find a time slot and you can confirm. If you have a look at the last line, you can uncheck “Automatically select meeting location” and then check “Add custom” to write a custom location name like “barista” or “Hotel Lobby” if you don’t want to sit at the possibly mundane meet me tables ;-)

That’s it.

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