Please send your slides to as PDF or PPTX by Friday, November 11th 12:00 CET, so we can load them on the presentation computer. If you want to use your own computer please let us know as well. If you would like to test your equipment and/or get a feeling for the stage please contact the herald at the beginning of a break.

Heralds & Timeline

Your talk will be introduced by one of our heralds, who will also moderate the Q&A section, we will have one additional herald monitoring the remote event and relaying questions. Please check in with your herald 10min before the talk on the right side of the mixer console (top row) to receive your microphone. Feel free to provide the herald with guidance on your talk moderation.

Preparation Room

There is a cozy preparation room right behind the herald meeting point, the door is clearly marked “speakers only”. Feel free to use this room during the event to rehearse, catch a breath, and focus. However please refrain from bringing any friends, unless their support is indispensable.


The beamer offers an HDMI input, and we will have a USB-C to HDMI adapter available. High-Speed dual-stacked WiFi is available, Prefixes are and 2A07:B982:C000::/48 in case you want to allow them in your labs ACL.

A timer will be placed on stage, to help you keep track of the time.

COVID-19 countermeasures

All attendees and presenters are required to test daily. Our on-site test center opening hours are available at . Masks are recommended, but not required.


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to, our team is available at the check-in desk during the whole event and will help you with any questions.

We’re looking forward to your presentation, and can’t wait to welcome you to Hamburg!

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