DE-CIX – Where networks meet

DE-CIX provides premium Internet exchange (IX) services and operates several carrier and data center-neutral Internet exchanges internationally. Founded in 1995, DE-CIX has established an environment for the bilateral settlement-free exchange of Internet traffic, called peering. The company serves 700+ carriers, ISPs and content networks from 60+ countries, including all leading international players in Frankfurt (Germany), New York (USA), Dubai (UAE), Palermo (Italy), Marseille (France), Istanbul (Turkey), Hamburg (Germany) and Munich (Germany). With 4+ Terabits per second of peak traffic, DE-CIX Frankfurt is the world’s leading Internet exchange. DE-CIX is your one-stop-shop for peering, interconnection and additional IX services.

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Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks delivers innovative software, silicon, and systems that transform the experience and economics of networking for global service providers, leading enterprises, and public sector organisations. Our core routers, switches, and security hardware and software run the world’s largest and most demanding global networks. Today, Juniper remains uniquely positioned to maintain industry leadership based on our core competencies in architecture, silicon design, and our open cross-network software platform that includes the popular Junos operating system, Junos Space network application platform, and Junos Pulse integrated network client. Juniper has an exclusive focus on providing solutions that solve the toughest and most complex networking problems – delivering on the promise of the “New Network”.

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Mellanox Technologies

Mellanox Technologies (NASDAQ: MLNX ) ist ein führender Anbieter von ganzheitlichen Ethernet- und Infiniband-Lösungen. Ursprünglich aus dem Bereich High Performance Computing kommend, deckt Mellanox heute alle Anforderungen an ein effizientes Ethernet basierendes Netzwerk im Rechenzentrum ab. Angefangen von NICs und deren Offloading-Mechanismen, über Switches mit offener Architektur bis hin zu Modulen/Optiken mit modernster VCSEL/Silicon Photonics Technologie können Anforderungen einheitlich bedient werden. Hierbei kommt zugute, daß Mellanox etablierte Denkweisen des Supercomputings seit nunmehr 16 Jahre konsequent auf kommerzielle Anwendungen ausweitet und dabei Segmente wie Web 2.0, Datenbanken und insbesondere das Cloudcomputing mit optimierten Lösungen bedient. Mellanox Technologies wurde 1999 gegründet und ist ein israelisches Unternehmen mit Hauptsitz in Sunnyvale (CA) und Yokneam (Israel).

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“Deepfield is the leading provider of real-time network performance management and security purpose-built big data analytics for communication services providers and large enterprises.

The Deepfield team is comprised of founding scientists, engineers, and patent authors for one of the world’s most successful internet security and monitoring companies. Deepfield was founded in 2012 by Dr. Craig Labovitz and Joe Eggleston with the purpose of making network intelligence available to network operators relevant and timely. It represents some of the largest names in global content distribution, telecom and large enterprises, and is currently deployed in over 90% of U.S. Cable.

Deepfield’s Singularity platform is software-based, horizontally scalable and quickly configurable. This big data engine—the basis for all Deepfield applications—ingests peta bits of network telemetry and machine data in seconds and creates a real-time search of sessions across millions of IPs and thousands of routers, providing multi-dimensional insight at any level of network traffic flows.”

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The European Commercial Internet Exchange (ECIX), is the brand of Peering GmbH. Located in Amsterdam, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Hamburg, ECIX provides a neutral traffic exchange for accessproviders, carriers, datacenters, CDNs, non-profit organizations and hosters – just everyone who needs peering. Together with our partners, ECIX also offers remote peering and transport to several locations and other IXPs.


Infoblox stellt kritische Netzwerkdienste bereit, die es Service Providern ermöglichen, die Domain Name System-Infrastruktur abzusichern, Cloud Deployments zu automatisieren und die Netzwerk-Verfügbarkeit zu erhöhen. Als Marktführer im Bereich DDI (DNS, DHCP, IP Address Management) unterstützt Infoblox Service Provider dabei, den Kunden eine exzellente Benutzererfahrung zu bieten - und zwar sicher und kostengünstig.

Mit der Technologie von Infoblox können Mobile, Festnetz und Cloud Service Provider DNS-Dienste mit geringen Latenzzeiten bereitstellen und so das Online-Erlebnis für mobile Nutzer verbessern. Die DNS- und DHCP-Automatisierungslösungen sind skalier- sowie hochverfügbar und sehr effizient. Die DNS-Security-Lösungen schützen Institutionen vor mehr Gefahren, als andere verfügbare Produkte.

Infoblox (Hauptsitz in Santa Clara, Kalifornien) ist weltweit in mehr als 25 Ländern tätig.

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Axians Networks & Solutions

ITENOS, headquartered in Bonn, Germany, is an experienced specialist for secure ICT solutions. ITENOS is an independent company and part of the Deutsche Telekom Group. With a staff of 175, ITENOS offers customised solution with special focus on security. ITENOS services are operated exclusively in Germany and are subject to German law and data protection policies.

The ITENOS business portfolio consists of the three core areas:

  • Networks: highly secure data transmission solutions independent of the public Internet on the basis of IP-based platform ProtectService, developed and operated by ITENOS. This offer particularly addresses companies with branch structures and specific security requirements.
  • Datacenters: the provision of rack space, racks and cages on more than 20,000 sqm in ITENOS data centres in Germany. In addition, ITENOS acts as infrastructure provider at its Frankfurt DC, the biggest switching exchange in Continental Europe.
  • Managed IT services: the entire spectrum of information technology and infrastructure, platforms and software. The services stand for the individual provision of need-based IT services.