The fifth meeting of the German Network Operators Group (DENOG) will be held in Darmstadt, Germany on the 14th of November 2013. We are pleased to hereby invite applications for presentations or lightning talks to be held at this event.


DENOG is a community for professionals within Germany who are operating, designing or researching the Internet. It provides a technical forum where those working on, with and for the Internet can come together to solve problems with every aspect of their (net)work.

The meeting is designed to provide an opportunity for the exchange of information among network operators, engineers, researchers and other professionals close to the network community.

More information about DENOG (in German) can be found at Information about the meeting will be published at


What When
Publication of Call for Papers April 18, 2013
Deadline for all submissions June 19th, 2013
Publication of final programme August 16th, 2013
Deadline for receipt of final slides November 8th, 2013
Meeting Day November 14th, 2013


The day will be divided into several sessions. The number and length of presentations per session is not fixed, although due to time constraints we would prefer the length of the presentations to be between 15 to 30 minutes.

However proposals whose subject fall outside of the topics below are also welcome; please do not hesitate to submit them.

Topic #1: Virtual network infrastructure

“Clouds” are everywhere. Virtualization is the way to consolidate servers and lower the cost as well as the administrative overhead. But what about virtualizing network infrastructure like routers, firewalls, etc.? We see certain approaches of these technologies on the market now. Which company would be the right target? How does it scale?

Topic #2: Issues affecting the global internet infrastructure

Cyber attacks, software bugs, route-hijacking incidents and denial of service attacks are common in todays internet, not only affecting single companies, carriers or enterprises but sometimes even entire countries. One of the examples was Cloudflare in March 2013. What was really affected? Was it “a global issue”? In this light securing the global internet infrastructure is a major topic amongst entities relying on the internet.

Topic #3: Peering

Everything about your peering experience. Why are you doing it? How are you doing it? Have you written any useful tools which others might find interesting? What are the issues you are facing?

Topic #4: Network & resource planning

Around the world we see large companies consuming lots of bandwidth for new media services like YouTube, Netflix, Akamai etc. Forecasting and planning of capactiy is an essential part of quality assurance to keep your users/subscribers happy. What are the best techniques to evaluate traffic levels to certain providers? How to manage the flow of traffic in the best way under the aspect of commerical and engineering views?

Topic #5: ISP BOF

“All things ISP”. From Network/SLA Management (for or against it), abuse handling and log systems to data centre layout and planning (including power and cooling), everything that is interesting to you as an ISP can be presented or discussed within this topic.

Lightning Talks

In addition to the topics mentioned below we will reserve slots for lightning talks, which consist of a few slides and will not last longer than 5 minutes. Lightning talks can be submitted until November 8th, with the deadline for submission of the corresponding slides being November 13th.


To appeal to an international audience we ask you to produce your slides in English, but the spoken language of the presentation itself can be either German or English.


All submissions must have a strong technical bias and must not be solely promotional for your employer.

Please remember that your presentations should be suitable for a target audience of technicians from varied backgrounds, working for companies whose sizes may vary considerably.

To submit a proposal for a presentation, we request you to register. If you have further questions, you can reach the program commitee at

We also welcome suggestions for specific presentations which you feel would be valuable to the DENOG community.

Please be aware that your presentation and a video of it will be published on the DENOG website after the event.