2010-11-12 Winners of the Timlic Tombola

The winners of the Timlic Tombola have been drawn and are announced on www.timlic.de.

2010-11-07 Slides online

The presentation slides are online and can be downloaded on the agenda site. Get them while they are hot and check back for videos of the presentations.

2010-11-04 DENOG2 ended successfully

DENOG2 is over - thanks a lot to all attendees, all the presenters and everyone who helped making DENOG2 a big success. The slides for the presentations will be made available over the next couple of days on the agenda site.

2010-11-02 Registration closed

The registration for DENOG2 is now closed. We are looking forward to seeing all registered attendees on Thursday. Please note that we cannot accept registrations at the event itself.

2010-10-27 Registration closes on November 2nd

Please note that registrations for DENOG2 will close on November 2nd. We cannot accept registrations after November 2nd, in particular we cannot accept registrations at the event itself.

2010-10-05 Agenda completed

The agenda ist now (almost) completed and although we are over 5 weeks away we already have over 100 attendees for DENOG2.

2010-09-23 Agenda published

We published the agenda with a couple of confirmed presentations here. Check back over the next couple of days and weeks to see the full agenda.

2010-09-14 Registration open

Registrations for DENOG2 on the 4th of November are now open. We have an Early Bird rebate until beginning of October and the agenda will be finalized until end of September.

2010-05-11 Call for Papers

We are excited to announce the second DENOG Meeting in Frankfurt/Germany on the 4th of November 2010. More information and the link to registration will be published on this site during the next weeks and months, until then we have a Call for Papers and Participation.