Sunday, November 7th

Time   Presentation Recording
10.30h Workshop opening & introduction  

Monday, November 8th

Time   Presentation Recording
09.00h Newcomer Session  
09.30h Networks Basics  
12.30h DENOG13 Opening  
13.00h BNG Blaster - Open Source Network Tester  
13.30h Demystify Quantum Key Distribution  
14.45h Automate RIPE DB handling with NetBox  
14.55h Reverse DNS Survey of DE  
15.05h Two tools for monitoring and debugging large L3 CLOS networks  
15.30h High-Available Anycast DNS Resolver for ISPs  
16.00h PONderings of a Network Engineer  
16.30h Closing Day 1  
17.00h Social    

Tuesday, November 9th

Time   Presentation Recording
10.00h What’s new in Grafana?  
10.10h local-pref considered evil  
10.20h Automated Congestion Avoidance with an SDN Controller  
10.45h Aviation rules & Operation Teams  
11.15h Enhancing PING and TRACEROUTE  
13.00h An appeal to individuals operating “research” networks  
13.10h IXP Update  
13.20h Peering Manager: A practical introduction  
13.50h Peering Automation using OpenConfig and Public APIs    
14.20h DENOG13 closing