DENOG13 happened virtually from November 7. to November 09. 2021

Note: the event took place in the past, the below content was preserved for historical purposes

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation DENOG13 will happen virtually. We will start the conference with a workshop day Sunday, November 7th. On Monday & Tuesday (November 8/9) the usual conference will take place with (lightning-)talks, chats, group discussions and a chance to meet our sponsors.
Please find more information and details below, to support you in planning and organising your virtual conference visit.

Tuesday 09th Nov 2021 - Conference Agenda

All times in CET!

10.00hWhat's new in Grafana?
10.10hlocal-pref considered evil
10.20hAutomated Congestion Avoidance with an SDN Controller
10.45hAviation rules & Operation Teams
11.15hEnhancing PING and TRACEROUTE
13.00hAn appeal to individuals operating "research" networks
13.10hIXP Update
13.20hPeering Manager: A practical introduction
13.50hPeering Automation using OpenConfig and Public APIs
14.20hDENOG13 closing

How to get there

This year’s conference location is virtual and called Venueless.

You don’t need to install any app, it runs completely in your browser.
By experience we recommend to use Chrome but it will work in any other browsers as well.

After your registration for DENOG13 you received a confirmation eMail (Subject Line: [DENOG13] Your order …) including a link to your order. Please open the link and click on „Join online event“ at the very top.

If you can’t join or can’t find your link please visit and use the “resend order links”. Otherwise reach out to

PS: We recommend the “Newcomer Session” on Monday morning at 09.00h CET if you’re new to DENOG or Venueless.

Agenda & Workshops

DENOG13 will start with a full day of Workshops on Sunday 07th November 2021 10.30h CET.
If you haven’t yet registered please find available slots here: Workshop Registration

The DENOG13 conference will kick off with a Newcomer Session on Monday 08th November 2021 at 09.00h CET followed with a “Networking Basics” talk targeted at anyone new to networking.

The main conference track will be officially opened at 12.30h CET.

All details to the program can be found here: Talks

Livestream & Presentations

The Livestream will be in Venueless this year. Please register for the free conference ticket (or buy a corporate ticket if you like to support DENOG e.V.) and join us in Venueless.

Presentations and recordings will be available on our website as soon as possible.
Workshop Sunday will not be recorded.

Socials Events

Meet a random attendee
If you want to meet someone new do not hesitate to click the “Meet a random attendee”-Button in venueless, and you can meet someone new.
This new feature will be open for networking throughout the whole conference.

DENOG13 - DIY PreSocial
Sunday 07.11.2021 19.00h CET

In the tradition of DENOG Conferences we encourage you to have DIY Social Sessions virtually as well. We will open our spatial chat in venueless for all your networking needs.

Please remember to bring your own drinks and food ;-)

DENOG13 - Official Social
Monday 08.11.2020 19.00h CET - 23.59h CET

Meeting peers, friends and new community members is a key part of each DENOG event. Unfortunately we can’t meet in person in 2020 but this won’t stop us from making every effort to connect you all virtually.

Please join us for the official Social on Monday Evening in Venueless.

Need Help? Have questions?

Go to the #Helpdesk Chat in Venueless or eMail

Get comfortable at home, prepare your favourite drink and enjoy three full days of DENOG13.

Cheers, The DENOG13 ORGA Team