Monday, November 9th

Time   Presentation Recording
10:30 Newcomer Session
11:00 Introduction to Venueless
12:30 Opening Talk
13:00 Have you ever shipped a switch to Sao Paulo? (Theo Voss)
13:30 Flexible Algorithms (Shraddha Hegde)  
14:00 From a City Provider to a Global Cloud Provider as a career starter (Florian Tschiedel)
14:15 Peering with the Incumbent (Fredy Künzler)
15:20 LoRaWAN introduction (Nicola von Thadden)
15:30 (Re-)Building an IXP from scratch (Moritz Frenzel)
15:30 How our Cloudy Mindsets Approached Physical Routers (Steffen Gebert)
16:30 Building the 400G Internet Trends, Technologies, and the Road to 800G+ (Andreas Bechtolsheim)

Tuesday, November 10th

Time   Presentation Recording
08:50 Welcome Day 2    
09:00 Electrical energy, explained (Richard Hartmann)
09:30 A journey to SDN (Ulf Fischer)
10:00 How to build a multi-tenant ISP backbone with BGP/EVPN (Nicola von Thadden)
10:30 It is time…to replace MD5…with TCP-AO (Melchior Aelmans)
11:00 Coffee Break    
11:30 Contemporary network configuration for Linux (Maximilian Wilhelm & Aaron A. Glenn)
11:40 Building a transparent Layer 1 Switch using P4 (Sebastian Graf)
11:50 Horizontally scalable firewall deployments (Ralf Ertzinger)
12:00 Building your own CGN boxes with Linux (Maximilian Wilhelm)
12:30 How to build, maintain & market IPv6-only datacenter (Nico Schottelius)
13:00 Automating Juniper Devices: The Later Years (Rudolph Bott)
13:30 A Fully loaded panel for 400G in your metro network  
14:30 DENOG12 Closing
17:00 DENOG e.V. General Meeting 2020